On the off chance that you are having inconveniences dealing with issues with your bank in regards to ATM transactions, charges without notice, notes and coins and so on, don’t feel lost as the financiers’ bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is there for guaranteeing redressal of your grievance free of expense.

With its Office of Banking Ombudsman (OBO) plan, the RBI guarantees 100% redressal of the clients’ grievances and that too inside one month of cabin of objection.

Tending to the yearly question and answer session on Friday, RBI Banking Ombudsman (Bihar and Jharkhand) Patric Barla and RBI’s Patna AGM Gyaneshwar Pathak said there are 27 grounds on which the clients can record dissentions. These incorporate issues identified with store accounts, leeway of checks and drafts, settlements, ATM, charge or Mastercards and credits and advances.

On the other hand, defilement related matters and matters under suit are not taken care of by the OBO.

“The client himself or through his delegate, other than his supporter, can compose letter or email to the OBO or can record the grumbling online,” said Barla. Be that as it may, before moving the OBO, it is important for a client to first submit a composed representation to the bank concerned.

In the event that the protest is rejected or no answer is gotten from the bank inside one month from the date of representation or the answer is not tasteful, s/he may stop a protestation with the Banking Ombudsman. “One ought to keep in touch with us inside one year of keeping in touch with the bank concerned,” said Pathak.

“The contact number of the OBO is shown on a board in every bank,” Pathak told TOI. The protestation in composing ought to be marked by the complainant or his approved agent and ought to have the name and location of the complainant. “On the off chance that a grievance is made on the web, the complainant ought to compose his/her contact number and email id,” he said.

The protestation ought to additionally have the name and location of the limb or office of the bank against which the grievance is made, the certainties offering ascent to the grumbling, the nature and degree of the misfortune brought about to the complainant and the alleviation looked for.

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme was presented by the RBI in 1995 as an option, quick and cheap discussion to intention dissentions identifying with lacks in managing an account administrations. It covers all business, local rustic and booked essential helpful banks.