Branding merchandise with your company logo and name is a powerful tool. If you pick the appropriate merchandise you can effectively market your business for extended periods of time with minimal effort on your part. There are many items that make great merchandise for branding and most of them can be used in universal environments; pens, calendars, magnets and more make up the army of choices you have to pick from. While each of the items can make a great candidate there is one that, in my opinion, surpasses its competitors and rises to the top of the ladder.

Choosing Custom Drinkware For Your Brand

While it may seem no different than the others, custom drink ware has advantages over the other choices. Two of the biggest advantages to using custom drink ware are size and portability; compared to pens and everyday office items, custom drink ware leads the competition, easily beating out its competitors in one, sometimes both categories. The size of the custom drink ware allows your logo to be seen by many people from fair distances, which only means more advertisement for you.

While pens might be considered more functional, it is far easier to see a company logo on custom drink ware than it is for a pen. Some might consider that a calendar would make a better candidate for merchandise and, in some cases, be correct. However, you need to consider the second advantage to using custom drink ware; the portability. The ability for custom drink ware to move from one location to another provides a tremendous advantage in the number of people to see it. That translates to more people seeing your company logo, more potential customers. While custom drink ware may lead the competition, there is one more decision to make; which type of custom drink ware to use. Drink ware has two major candidates that suite this purpose: coffee mugs and water bottles. These two items are common around the globe and can be seen in use every day.

Victory Goes to The Coffee Mug

Many places from restaurants to corporate offices have one beverage in common – coffee! Coffee mugs are a universal item, seen every day around the world. This is what makes them great cups for branding, the fact that coffee is a common beverage everywhere. By having your company name and logo branded on a coffee mug, your business will advertise itself just by being used for the daily routine of coffee, especially in an office. Everyone goes in for a meeting, and all those eyes are just waiting to notice your coffee mug and see your company logo. By being an everyday item, coffee mugs are seen by a large number of people and when used as free merchandise your name can be networked out among friends. After all, if you receive a free coffee mug and do not use it at the office, you are likely to use it in your home as a guest mug for when you have company. The possible scenarios for the coffee mug to be present are numerous and the merchandise itself always makes a nice gift idea. All around coffee mugs make a powerful tool and using them to market your business is an equally powerful plan.

Whether you are a corporation or a small business, the benefits of marketing your business through the use of branded coffee mugs is readily available. From size and portability advantages over everyday office items to the multitude of possible environments the coffee mug can be found in; the coffee mug is a powerful tool with a global presence. So when it comes to your promotional merchandise needs, the power of a coffee mug goes a long way in the world of company branding and marketing. So embrace the power of the cup and begin to marketing campaign with branded coffee mugs.