To many, the words Facebook and Twitter just represent platforms to interact with family and friends. However these two social networking giants have much more to offer; especially for businesses. Both Twitter and Facebook are used as marketing tools by companies to bring their brand into the limelight and gain the due recognition from the masses. The question is which one you would choose to promote your business? There are reasons to believe that Facebook advertising offers more advantages than Twitter as you will find out in the following list.

1. Brand Promotion

While many believe that Facebook is just good enough for connecting with loved ones, we disagree. Facebook offers scores of options to market your product to potential customers too. The options of video sharing, photo posts, event invitations and direct message to users gives Facebook an edge over Twitter which is limited in comparison. Moreover with the option to buy targeted Facebook fans through a third party, you can skyrocket your page’s popularity.

2. Facebook lists

Facebook provides you the option of segregating your page viewers with the list option. This choice to prepare friend lists can help separate business from personal connections thereby giving you the free will to restrict your personal posts to friends and the business posts to the masses. So get the best of both worlds while keeping connected to friends as well as marketing your brand on Facebook.

3. Messages

Facebook messages are direct, clear and as long as you want them to be whereas on Twitter there exists a word limit of 140 characters, which can be a hindrance in getting your message across to your customer base. You don’t want to provide insufficient data to your customers regarding your product and services, do you?

4. Interface

Though Twitter messages can be very concise and easy to convey yet Twitter doesn’t make much of an impression where the profile page is concerned. Although Twitter allows users to customize page background and theme it doesn’t match to the user friendly interface provided on Facebook which allows smooth transitions from one page to another and a good overall appeal.

5. Community

On Facebook there is two-way communication unlike Twitter. When you post blogs, photos or videos on Facebook you get instant response from your customers hence providing you with a direct way to interact with them and create discussions among your brand users. On Twitter this is very unlikely to happen as it is more of one-to-one communication which bars you from seeing what others have to say about your products and services.

All in all Facebook makes for a much better platform over Twitter to reach out to your customers, find your target market and research their preferences to provide them with the best possible products to satisfy their needs. If you are a small business looking for ways to promote your brand then Facebook is the best marketing tool to help your company reach its desired goals.