Bitcoins are known to be one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market right now, and since their creation a few years ago they have continually evolved and became one of the most interesting and widely used virtual currencies in the world. This year, although it isn’t quite finished yet, has been a major blessing for the bitcoin as this year there were created around 21% new bitcoin wallets, not to mention that the invested sums increased with around 40% as well, a major increase considering the recent real life market crashes that took place recently.

On top of that, it’s important to know that the market capitalization for Bitcoins has reached around 60% and what’s even more important is that, in US currency, it has already reached close to 8.3 billion. This only strengthens the idea that the bitcoin currency is not only alive, but it’s growing at such a rapid pace that many people weren’t expecting at all from it.

An interesting thing comes in the form of multiple new merchants that started using bitcoins this year, as their number has increased with around 20%, showing that the web currency does have an amazing, stunning value that will hold up in time, which is amazing to say the least. The annual revenue for merchants when it comes to using bitcoins has increased with close to 200% this year, showing that there’s a lot of value in bitcoins and every business should integrate it.

The neat thing about bitcoins is also the fact that many more ATMs have integrated bitcoin support, so now you can actually withdraw these coins quite easily, and convert them in other currency, which is quite impressive to say the least.

On top of that, the total investment in bitcoins has increased with around 41% and now it has reached the sum of around 317 million USD, an amazing and large sum of money that many analysts are expecting to increase exponentially during 2014.

Even the network hashrate has seen an immense increase, with around 135% when compared to the beginning of this year. Lastly, the overall capitalization is still at large and thus the bitcoin market has become a very vibrant, interesting one that’s even gaining the attention of investors, something that many virtual currencies have failed to do up until this date.

In conclusion, just like you can see from these statistics, bitcoins and their influence in our society has increased a lot in recent years. Sure, it has managed to capture a lot of attention from the media and other sources, but the reality is that more and more people started using this cryptocurrency because it’s plain simple and very convenient. We are confident that the importance of bitcoins in the financial market will increase exponentially in 2015 and beyond, showing the society the major power that the virtual world has over the real one.