The most crucial aspects of managing your own business are managing payroll and employee scheduling. If you don’t have reliable time clock software, you’ll never be able to streamline your payroll while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. Such systems tend to cost quite a bit and can be a very pricey investment for small businesses, specially start ups. That’s where Time Clock Wizard comes in.

Time Clock Wizard makes running a business easier by giving you the features of some of the most expensive time clock solutions, absolutely free! It enables you to manage your employee schedules, mark absences, vacation leaves, and even calculates the payroll for you. Managing your home-based employees is even easier because of the built in Clock Points feature, which requires your remote employees to clock in and out, only from designated ip addresses.

Here is a Small List of Some of Their Top Features:

  • An intuitive and easy to use dashboard
  • Timesheet requests in case someone forgot to clock out or clocked in at the wrong time
  • Who’s clocked in, how long they’ve been working, and what their schedule is like
  • Manage employee schedules on a week to week basis and automatic scheduling of absences and approved vacation requests
  • Generate a payroll between the date specified with just a few clicks
  • Employees can view their payroll as well
  • Users can register in the system themselves, saving you the trouble of adding everyone in
  • Deleted users are kept on file for up to a year in case you need to review or recover their information
  • You can customize your login screen with your logo and message, and round the clock in and clock out times whether you follow the six minute or fifteen minute rule
  • Separate offices or departments with their own payroll reports to make sorting employees even easier

These are just a few of the features Time Clock Wizard is offering. They also offer mobile access to users and managers, as well as physical, on-site and technical security, keeping your data safe and secure. Most time clock services offer these listed features for either a monthly fee, or charge you extra to activate each one of them in the form of additional modules. Time Clock Wizard gives you all this, and more, absolutely free.

If what they offer makes sense for your small business, then why not head over to and sign up?You’ll be scheduling and generating payrolls in no time at all!