Nottingham is one of the most prominent cities of the East Midlands, historically famous for the legends of Robin Hood and for the tobacco and lacemaking industries. Today, it is a thriving centre of UK tourism and, more to the point, of business and industry. A Nottingham base carries many advantages for a business, including:

 An Urban Centre

 As a city and a major urban centre, Nottingham is home to a very wide range of amenities that will help you do business. For example, product distributors and equipment vendors are almost always easier to find in cities. Similarly, you will have a wide choice of local service providers such as accountants, marketing professionals, and contractors for any work that may need to be done repairing and fitting out premises. The same is true of places to operate from. Whether you are looking for offices, workspaces or meeting rooms Nottingham is very well-supplied. Being in an urban centre also means that your business will benefit from a strong local economy, with access to a huge number of consumers or business clients.

A Central Location

Nottingham is also a very central location. This partly comes from its status as one of the UK’s major cities. This has led to the development of excellent transport links, both within Nottingham and connecting Nottingham to the surrounding area. This provides your business with easy accessibility for clients, customers and staff and opens up the opportunity for customers from surrounding areas to come and visit your business. It also creates a wider base of potential staff, as those from surrounding areas could easily commute in. Thanks to its location in the Midlands, Nottingham also makes it easy to travel to a range of other locations around the UK. For example, if you need to visit other businesses or meet with people you hope to form a business relationship with. London can be reached by train within two hours, and at the opposite end of the country it takes roughly the same amount of time to reach York.

Reasons To Do Business In Nottingham

A Cost-effective Place to be

So just to recap, Nottingham offers the benefits of a busy urban centre, packed with amenities, other businesses, and potential custom. It also offers the benefits of a central location with extremely strong transport links. However, some would argue that if these factors are deal-breaking, you should do business in London. After all, it is an even stronger urban centre with arguably even better transport links. The key factor going in Nottingham’s favour is cost. As anybody who has considered moving to London knows, everything is more expensive in the capital. This is true for businesses as well as individuals, and this can significantly impact on your net revenue. Premises cost more and service providers charge more to name just two examples. Nottingham offers many of the same advantages, yet in a considerably more cost-effective way. For a new business this can be especially important, as it could make the difference between success and failure in the crucial early stages of trading.