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You ought to visit the town of Bilaspur amid the times for fairs and celebrations when the wonderful Himachali society comes front line. The most elite celebration of the town is Chatral celebration, celebrated on the first day of Chet that falls amid the month of March.

An imperative reasonable of the zones is the Nalwari or Annual steers reasonable held at Bilaspur for 4 or 5 days in the months of March or April. This event marked by wrestling and different beguilements where dairy cattle are brought from Nalagarh and neighboring parts of Punjab to sell here.

Yearly Raut Nach Festival held in the month of December. This sparkling move celebration of the cowherds of the state is one of the major attractions. Cowherds of all age assemble six years to 60 years and past move together in this period moving while supporting one another. Festooned in their flickering clothing types and immense glistening crown the “Rawat’s” (cowherds) can be seen on the roads, moving to the conventional music.

Other vital fairs of the territory are Gugga reasonable, Baisakhi reasonable while the celebrations of significance are Lohri, Basant Panchami, and Shivratri.