A large number of populations are switching to online shopping due to convenience and great offers. These online offers force you to make instant purchases. With growing reliability huge items like furniture, home appliances etc. are also being bought online. HDTV is the most bought heavy item on online stores.

Here are some interesting facts that you should know before buying a HDTV from an online store.

Smartness Matters

Now there are plenty of smart TV’s in the market. So when comparing two TV’s or when ignoring a TV for a little hike in price, do look at the smart features. There are smart TV’s from various brands that are available at a little more investment, TV is something that will last for years, so when purchasing a HDTV, make sure you make a smart choice.

Design Matters

There are TV’s that have same size, specs etc. but HDTV is not just TV. Even, when the TV is off, it is an important accessory, which enhances the looks of your room. So, when making the purchase, do give importance to its aesthetics. Style always matters.

Do Not Get Lost In Unwanted Features

There are some features like refresh rate, which are not wanted for most of the users. One should focus on important features like HD capabilities, display resolution, screen size etc.

Dimensions Matter

Look for the spot at your home where you want to install the HDTV, when you pick a spot, measure the dimensions that will be best for the TV at that spot and then check the dimensions of the TV according to your suitability.

Find Reliable Store

When you want to buy a TV, you need to find a reliable store. The store should be a responsible organisation and should take care of every individual customer with utmost care. It is best to buy from a well renowned store with a little discount rather than risking your money for a bigger discount.

Check for Return and Refund Policies

One should always plan for the worst. In case, there is a facility to pay cash or by card on delivery, one should choose that method of payment. Moreover, before placing the order proper attention should be paid.

Shipping Charges

One should keep a close watch at the final invoice and the company return policies. HDTV is a large item, if the shipping is not free in both the conditions, you might have to bear a huge amount for shipping the unit to your home or the faulty unit back to the vendor.


One should check that in case of an accident or any calamity, who would bear the cost of damage. If a company is insuring the goods, one should not overlook that cost. Transit insurance is necessary for ordering large items like HDTV.

If you are looking to buy a Samsung TV,it is best to buy from the online stores. The online stores provide much better discounts on these TV sets.