Diebold is the name that stands for launching the world’s first smart automated teller machine. This smart ATM machine has been specifically designed for meeting the increasing demands for robust self service terminal in rural and urban areas. It is built with a power management system that automatically switches between three possible power sources such as alternating current grid, solar panel, internal battery that help in maximising terminal uptime, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Utilising alternative power sources such as solar panels and AC grid is the most noticeable feature of this Smart ATM. This Diebold ATM is highly effective, consuming approximately 40% less energy than previous version of cash dispenser machines. This machine is equipped with a single note acceptor that enables small volume currency deposit and bill payment at ATM machines which ultimately improve speed and convenience.

Smart Diebold ATM has also been equipped with wide range of security features such as biometric technology, Master card, visa, Euro pay, provision for dual security cameras etc. It is complied with the latest payments corporations for fulfilling the regulatory requirements.

Besides this, Smart ATM, Diebold has also launched two new series of cash dispensing machine that deliver the best service for fulfilling consumer desire. The cash recycling, security management and financial institutions have gained operational efficiencies. It can be said that in just few years, Diebold has introduced unprecedented number of key solutions for ATM users.

Let’s take a look at Diebold’s series of key business objectives that help financial institutions:

  • Efficiency: Both the series of ATM machine features Active Recycle module that automatically detect counterfeit notes and reuse deposited cash. The cash recycling capabilities reduce refilling needs and monitoring and thereby enable more cost effective management to have more opportunities for customer interactions.
  • Effective management for risks: Diebold’s series of ATM machine feature Active guard intelligent system that facilitates enhanced protection of ATM machine by consolidating security functions into a single entrenched system.
  • Anti skimming card reading service: Diebold ATM brings the industry’s first anti- skimming card reader service that prevents all forms of ATM skimming. This card reader also come up with some additional features that include bio-metric fingerprint readers, security cameras and encryption monitoring service that offer comprehensive protection.

The innovation of this new technology is the next steps in Diebold series of ATM machines that deliver purposeful innovation for fulfilling the real business objectives of customers. These ATM machines provide exceptional reliability for higher transaction environment through reducing costs, expanding their reach and realizing a greater return on their investment.

Diebold manufacturers have introduced responsive banking concept for customers and it is intended for higher traffic areas such as shopping centres, transportation hubs, retail outlets etc. Customers are greeted immensely with this new service as Diebold is known for integrated self service delivery and security systems because people are becoming very much conscious about the security systems of ATM machines. Very often we hear about many fraud cases or ATM skimming cases that threatens the security of ATM users. For all these reasons, ATM manufacturers have developed security features in ATM machines to enhance the curb these ATM related issues. Diebold ATM is a popular name in ATM industry that stands for introducing world’s first Smart ATM. They have given utmost attention on developing the security features in their ATM machines and it shows a positive result by reducing the number of ATM fraud cases. Customers now feeling secure in doing ATM transaction and thus, the popularity of Diebold ATM service has increased throughout the world.