There are many nurses along with other healthcare workers, who are aware of the fact that they have paid excess in tax to the government. Several reasons might be attributed towards this. They may not have original P60 or P45 certificates for proving it. They could have been misplaced or lost quite often, but increasingly, it is being noticed that these documents were not issued in the very first place.

How to claim a tax rebate in such a case?

Before going ahead with knowing how tax rebate is to be claimed in this regard, there is a need for understanding as to what is P45 and P60 is all about.

  • P45: It is regarded to be a tax certificate that is provided to the individual by the employer (for instance, the NHS), as the person leaves them permanently. It would contain details of earnings that have been received and the tax, which is paid during tax year. It is utilized by Customs and HM Revenue to work out as to how much of tax is to be paid for the next job.
  • P60: It is somewhat similar and basically shows similar information like that of P45. However, instead of displaying tax information and ‘year to date’, it is regarded to be annual tax statement that has been issued at end of every tax year, which is 5th April.

Idea that few NHS Trusts have been failing towards providing the nursing staff with P60 and P45 certificates is quite disappointing. This is because it is termed to be a legal requirement that has to be carried out. In this case, the situation can be quite worrying since HRMC requires having appropriate sight of the documents for processing the tax rebate claim.

Similar to most huge government departments, the HRMC is said not to have a wonderful reputation when dealing with them. For beginners, HRMC is likely to accept only original copies of the P60 and P45 tax documents. Although a photocopy might be very clear to look at, these would not work while trying to secure tax relief. It can pose to be a big problem, especially if documents are missing.

At this point of time, the HRMC generally would state they would be glad to have all the original pay slips accepted for supporting the claim. But the question is how many people have kept their last pay slips of six years. It is highly unlikely.

Fortunately, a solution is present to get out of such a situation and enjoy availing the rebate. If the person has been employed by NHS, they are needed to hold the pay and tax records for a minimum period of three years, after the year where they are related. Most are known to keep records, even beyond that for own internal purposes. Hence, an easy way for securing tax proof that is pad, would be to obtain Statement of Earnings.

Taking the help of professionals can help the person to claim for a tax rebate without having to face any kind of hardship.

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