When it comes to the topic of table saws, those essential power tools without which no woodworking workshop would be complete, two brands of manufacturers stand out as the top of their class and a standard onto themselves, to be aspired to.

These are Bosch and DeWALT, both long established, old brands, with millions of loyal customers and impeccable reputations for quality, efficiency and innovation.

Bothbrands have some of the best table saws available in the market, and it is a small wonder; so many professionals and amateurs choose their products. But which brand is superior, and which one provides better product? Or, if that is impossible to determine, what are their relative strong points and weaknesses?

To start with let us compare the relative prices of products offered. When comparing models with similar specifications, one tends to pay more for Bosch’s models than for DeWALT ones, and even though Bosch table saws often include extra features, this is a major point for many prospective buyers.

Bosch machines tend to be heavier as well, with more cast iron and steel put into the machines, even the portable ones. This does make them more cumbersome, but at the same time more stable and less affected by vibrations. Some people, however, do prefer the convenience of more light-weight machine, which can be easily stored, moved around or carried.

The quality of machines itself is a topic for a separate article, but let us conclude the debate by stating- both brands produce excellent table saws, and they both deliver superior products, with great accuracy and durability. Their performance prowess is very similar, with both brands achieving very good results in a variety of jobs and performing very similarly when cutting identical pieces of wood. No matter which one you chose; the performance of your table saw from either brand will be outstanding. In this regard, none of the brands seem to get an upper hand, unless we include special features in the equation.

From user reviews and customer opinions, it is a consensus that Bosch’s table saws are easier to assemble and these offer more variety of choice in their options. For instance, many of the smaller portable table saws from Bosch offer the option for dado blades to be fixed, whilst DeWALT ones do not have such an option.

Users and reviewers tend to say that DeWALT machines are easier to use than Bosch, but the opinions differ greatly between models and types of table saws.

Both brands are renowned for producing very safe table saws, with plenty of safety measures built into their machines, as well as a range of extras one can purchase to increase the safety of use even further.

When comparing two established market-leading brands, there is always a difficulty in picking a winner. Bosch and DeWALT both represent the pinnacle of quality and performance, there is no clear cut winner here, but the two brands have slightly different approach, which makes each brand more suitable for a different type of user.

Generally speaking, professionals prefer Bosch’s table saws, while amateur users tend to go for DeWALT, as it offers same quality but for a lesser price and without extra features, pros find so useful.