It’s common knowledge that airport parking can be difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary to leave behind your vehicle when you go for a vacation or business trip. Nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to keep something back. Still, it’s all too common to end up at the mercy of unexpected high costs. We want you to save money and have as convenient a time as possible.

There are numerous benefits to using an off-site parking facility in Melbourne. It can be difficult finding a parking spot when so many travelers pass through the airport every day. If you do find something, it can end up being very costly — something easy to do since the spaces are in high demand. There are better options available.

Using an offsite facility provides a better alternative to overpopulated, expensive areas and leaving your vehicle in a place that charges too much. There is enough to deal with when planning travel in the first place, so take advantage of a long term alternative at a price that you can afford.

Best Prices in Melbourne

It’s easy to pay far too much for airport parking just to regret it later. We want to make it easier for you to deal with something that can be a major hassle, so we offer the lowest rates in Melbourne that you can find. We know that by offering both low prices and excellent customer service that you’ll want to come back and maintain our relationship.

You’ll see that we offer more than just convenience when you keep your vehicle with us; we provide true peace of mind that your car will be safe and sound. Be sure to check for deals throughout the year!

Fantastic Service

We know that there can be problems that arise, whether you need help with your vehicle or have a situation with your parking. We always have operators available so that you never have to worry about not having any support. Our customer service options are open to you all during all hours and can fix any problem that arises so you do not have to deal with the hassle of them. Feel free to pick up your car again at any time and rest assured someone will be there to help you.

Many lots off site are open every day of the year, every hour of the day. With this amount of availability, you have the peace of mind that you can access our Melbourne airport long term parking facilities whenever you need to. If you intend to travel through a holiday, you do not have to worry whether the facility is going to close due to a holiday season. When you pick a location with our open hours, you never have to worry, no matter what.

Guaranteed Security in Melbourne

We understand the worry about having to leave your vehicle at the airport; all you want is some peace of mind that says nothing will happen to it. We understand this fully and want to ensure you are always comfortable parking your vehicle with us. We guarantee that we never will move your vehicle from where it is parked and will always have operators around throughout the day and night to ensure the facility is safe.

Travel in peace with the knowledge that your vehicle will be just like it was when you left it with us, safely parked and waiting for your return.

Convenient Parking

Convenience is another major reason why parking facilities are becoming more popular in Melbourne. These sites are often located near the terminal, which makes it easier for you to park and quickly take a shuttle bus over to the appropriate terminal before catching the plane.

Assistance for Traveling

Electing to park in an offsite facility away from the main area does not mean you need to figure out alternative means to get your baggage to the terminal. Our site includes attendants who are prepared to help you out with any luggage that you must take with you on your trip. Not only this, but we also have access to courtesy shuttles that will quickly deliver you to your flight safely and in a prompt manner.

When you return from your vacation or business trip, you can take advantage of the same shuttle service and take a bus to our facility to pick up your vehicle. Our on-demand shuttles prevent problems with transportation back and forth for whatever needs you have. When you pick a nearby facility like ours, you get to avoid all the problems and delays that inhibit your important and timely schedule.