If you are a contemporary, fearless, fashionable trend-setter, then perhaps you identify with the following situation. Envision yourself browsing your local shoe store, only to be captivated by the unabashed chicness of a pair of high top sneakers. Shortly thereafter, you realise one thing. These sneakers are not quite high heels, and not quite athletic gym shoes. So, what do you to do? You certainly cannot wear them with a ball gown. Furthermore, it would be impractical to complete your morning jogs in these ostensibly comfortable, not so comfortable sneakers. Hopefully, the tips below will shed some light on this conundrum of a shoe. Once you know how to wear these sneakers, you will be the subject of accolades and envy.

What Not to Do

Before we delve into the fundamentals of wearing these sneakers, it is reasonable to first debrief you on what you should not do. There is a latent possibility you are considering the following fashion faux pas in some capacity.

Fashion rule number one is to avoid pairing these sneakers with dresses, especially floral dresses. When someone defies the conventions of fashion, this is usually an admirable thing, or a repulsive and life changing experience. In either case, sneakers and dresses occupy such disparate domains of the fashion world that they should never coexist on a single person at once.

The following tip is fairly obvious. High top sneakers are ill-suited to formal pants of any kind. If you are wearing chinos or slacks, you should never commit this fashion faux pas under any circumstances. If you do, people will either be very confused or very amused by your apparent blunder.

Now that we have discussed the potentially hideous avenues one can take when wearing these choose, it is time for the fun part. Keep reading so you can learn to pair these shoes with the right outfit.

How to Wear Them

These shoes are naturally instilled with an ineffable edginess, the type of edginess that embodies an admirable, but defiant, boldness. With this said, you should adhere to clothing choices that adequately represent this very sentiment.

Here is an outfit idea that you may consider toying with. Imagine this. A black, loose, V-neck graphic tee paired with acid wash, ripped Bermuda shorts, and a black and white pair of high top sneakers. Here, you have an outfit that is refreshingly youthful and rebellious, as well.

While high top sneakers are ill-suited for dresses, they look amazing with skirts-especially miniskirts. If you are considering a sultry, fashionable look that is slightly dressier than your average high-top ensemble, then opt for thick high tops. These have a thicker heel, one that mimics certain aspects of a wedge heel. With this said, you can pair these with your favourite pencil mini skirt. Add your favourite, tucked-in graphic tee to the mix, and you have a feminine, rocker-chic outfit that ebbs originality.

You cannot go wrong with a casual, loose fitted tee, tightly fitted skinny pants or skinny jeans, and your choice of high tops. Now, all of your outfit concerns have been resolved with a shoe that was once considered the social pariah of all outfits.