Tort law amendments strategy is to place limits to claimant’s access to the legal proceedings, place limits to the types of cases that can be brought, and limit the sum of compensation to which you may get in a court case.

Myth 1: Tort legal amendments are indispensable because the number of court cases is rocketing.

Fact: The personal injury cases have been decreased in number for years. In accordance with the National Center for State Courts, court cases noted for only 4.4% of all general cases brought in 2013, and decreased by 25% between 2010 and 2013.

Myth 2: Medial treatment expenses are increased because doctors are felling worry of being started legal proceedings against them.

Fact: Tort legal amendments are not producing an intended effect to reduce medical treatment expenses. Studies reveal that there is not any evidence of decrease in medial treatment charges following the practice of a variety of tort legal amendments. For example, a 2012 research examined the approaches that medical costs changed when Texas practiced inclusive tort changes that put a strict limit to sum of compensations 2013, and compared medial costs in Texas with higher medical negligence claim rates with states with low medical negligence claim rates and discovered a little change between the two. After comparing with other states, the study discovered not any evidence of decrease in health care costs in Texas later than the tort law changes limits the damage.

Myth 3: Court cases are a key thing that interests for small businesses and cause problems for corporations.

Fact: Court cases are not a key thing that interests for small business and these reforms do not crease problems for corporations that act in accordance with the law.

In accordance with the American Association for Justice, a study conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers makes an indirect suggestion that “abuse in court cases” has a position at the bottom of issues for companies, and a 2013 study conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business give same outcomes, with small business owners showing that “expenses and rate of court cases” took 65th position relates to a list of issues.

Big and small companies should not be showing worry about personal injury court cases when they are acting in accordance with their legal requirements. In addition, those companies that are main role playing in negligent or intended wrongdoing should be considered liable for their activities.

Myth 4: Personal injury lawyers charge fees greatly exceeding beyond reason.

Fact: A good number of personal injury proceedings works for clients on basis of contingency fee that has particular meaning that they will not get payment except when the client recover financial benefits. Only one time a client recover compensations at the end of a personal injury compensation claim will the lawyer entitle to a part of the damages. If it is put in different way: when you don’t be successful, you don’t get any payment.

Myth 5: Insurance rates rise due to legal proceedings.

Fact: Furthermore, insurance firms have stated that these reforms would not affect them.