In the world of digital printing, Bestcode is a brand to be reckoned with. With Bestode’s high, speed, non contact printing technology, you can overcome all your printing challenges.

The advancements in technology have revolutionized the industrial printing. Today’s weather-proof and rugged printers can withstand the extreme heat, cold, dust and humid manufacturing environments.  Bestcode’s industry leading marking and coding products incorporate advanced engineering, forward thinking design, and all the latest technology innovations.

Benefit of Using Bestcode:

Forth Worth, Texas based BestCode brings 25 years of industry experience to its outstanding product line-up.  Through a well developed distributor network, Bestcode brings the full range of its continuous inkjet products to the global market. Product manufacturers looking to ensure unique identity for their products through high quality marks and codes can consider opting for Bestcode products. Below are the benefits of using Bestcode printing solutions.

Specially designed for the industrial applications, Bestcode printing systems are widely employed to print a plethora of product information including sell-by dates, expiration dates and other product traceability information.

These sophisticated printing devices allow for complete contact-less printing. They are also designed to minimize the time-requirements for typical coding system operation.

Basecode Distributors Are Bringing The State Of The Art Printing Products In The Global Marketplace

As we all know, selection of the right ink is vital for your printing success. Sometimes even the most highly esteemed printer fails to deliver up to the expectations because of the wrong choice of the ink. When you are using Bestcode printers, there will be no such worries, as the company also manufactures printing fluids to go with its own products. In addition, its product line up also includes other printing accessories to complement Bestcode devices.

This high speed industrial printing system requires minimum user interaction, thereby optimizing the efficiency of the procedure and minimizing the total coding costs.

Besides being capable of marking and coding a wide variety of substrates, including glass, metal, plastic and paper,  this non-contact printing system facilitates fast drying up of the codes.

Bestcode Exclusive Features:

Bestcode printing systems are equipped with a number of proprietary features which make the products stand out in the market.

Easy Touch Interface-The latest Bestcode printers feature a proprietary Easy Touch User Interface. As its name suggests, it comes with a 10.4” color touch display that eases the operation. You can also catch a glimpse of the history of all operating information on the display screen. The large, intuitive icon based buttons help to choose the colors correctly, besides providing status indications.

Smart Fill Fluid for the Best System Performance-Bestcode systems allow for external filling of Smart Fill fluids. This saves the user from opening the enclosure every time the device requires a fill-up. This system also ensures continuous availability of ink to the print heads.  The devices feature two differently sized fluid containers to make sure that ink and solvent go into their appointed tanks.

Supports Long Operation-The Bestcode printing systems are characterized by large volume ink and solvent tanks to allow for long run time. It saves you from the hazards of changing fluid every now and then. In fact, the ink tank is so large that it will support the operation for multiple months between fill-ups. Once you fill up the solvent tank, it is going to support more than 1000 hours of operation.

Designed to suit the printing requirements of the global markets, BestCode products are sold through a worldwide network of distributor partners. BestCode handpicks its partners from among the companies that already have strong presence in the digital printing product markets. On top of that, the distributors are also thoroughly trained by the company, so that they are able to deliver proper customer services to their customers. While in the market for any Bestcode product—printers, fluid or other printing accessory—make sure to purchase from authorized and certified Bestcode distributors.