A lean consultant which also goes by the initials”TXM”(Total Excellence Manufacturing) is a manufacturing industry consultants firm based in Australia and has spread to China as well. It focuses a lot on improving a company’s productivity and outcome, improving the lead time in completion of projects and improving the employee engagement with the respective company.

Having had experience over a long period of time it also offers its expertise through the consultation firms it has. Thus it creates an opportunity for expansion and exposure.

Contributions to Manufacturing

Manufacturing is perhaps what the company is most known for but it’s clear because of several reasons. Its outstanding record as well as the variety offered.

They range from automotive, chemical and coating, construction materials, Engineering and metal manufacturing, heavy transportation, packaging and high technology. All of which are administered by professionals ensuring the services given are up to standards.

The Engineering and Construction Industry

The construction industry is a very critical part of any countries advancement.  Quality buildings which can withstand climate and harsh weather conditions are important. The TXM group of industries has not only had a long time of experience but also been on the peak development. The end results are always great.

When it comes to civil aspect of it , TXM Lean Consultants offers great materials which can withstand the intended exposure such as: making bridges and sky scrapper buildings.

Events Organized by the Company

The company has also played a major role in organizing workshops which equip the workers and potential clients with important leadership skills. This is enables continuity of a generation of excellence.

The demand for quality service has also led to the diversification of their services which has seen the company expand to even China. The foundation made aids even in the most basic of sectors.

Great Communication and Human Resource Centre

The whole consultation firm greatly depends on a smooth communication with the clients. Through the many channels and sources for which they can keep in touch which include among others a website and email service there’s easy feedback and consumer interface.

Even the economic depression hasn’t seemed to dampen the current expansion of the consultation firm. Within the period there has been an increase in the agricultural sector, which has seen the company partner with greater companies. It has also seen an increase in the number of employees offering a reprisal and cushioning the hard economic growth.


Despite the diversity of the consultation firm which has offered service in various sectors of the economy, the growth of smaller enterprises may be hindered as a result since the others may opt to go for the more established firms. Moreover, there is a great competition especially in china

The advantage is that the competition has led to improved service delivery. It has also led to development of the blogging and marketing all in a bid to increase the consumer market.

The services from the consultation firm are tailored to suit the clients and the needed .The manufacturing industry has more so been prominent alongside other sectors. There’s always a sense of security when dealing with established firms.