Pallets are used by freight companies and courier services to move goods from one place to another. A pallet is a simple structure made out of wood or metal. It is more of a foundation on which goods can be loaded. Once the loading is complete, the goods are secured to the pallet with the help of a stretch wrap or a shrink wrap.

This ensures that the pallet remains connected to the unit load. Using a pallet has become essential nowadays. Ever since it was first introduced in the 20th century, the pallet has become an essential part of storage and handling. With the pallet attached to a unit load, a fork loader or a forklift can be used to lift the unit load and store it.

Pallet delivery services are offered by many companies in the UK. The most common sizes in the UK are 120 cm x 100 cm and 120 cm x 80 cm. The former is known as the “standard pallet” and the latter is known as the “Euro pallet.” The size of the pallet differs based on the amount and the size of goods being transported. Since the standard pallet is bigger in size, most delivery services also charge more for the standard pallet than the Euro pallet.

While pallet delivery to Italy is offered by virtually every other pallet delivery network, many other networks have also begun offering delivery to continental Europe. Most pallet delivery services use global carriers such as DHL and UPS in order to make deliveries door to door.

Since these courier services have vast networks, it makes it much easier for the pallet delivery service to tap into their network and manage delivery. Ideally, goods can be delivered to Italy within 4-5 days. However, some companies also offer urgent shipping. While urgent shipping is a bit more expensive, the goods will be transported to your destination overnight. However, when hiring a pallet delivery company, here are a few things that you should know:

You Can Buy Your Own Pallets

As a manufacturer, you can buy your own pallets in order to manage storage and handling of your goods. Many delivery companies also sell pallets too. If the goods are already loaded on a pallet, the delivery company will simply pick them up from the warehouse and ship them directly. This will save you money since you won’t have to lease the pallet from the company.

Run a Search Online

Even though most pallet delivery services provide a guarantee that the goods won’t be damaged, you can’t be sure. Before you hire the services of any company, run a search online. Read reviews from other customers who have used their services. Most people leave testimonials online about their own experiences. This will give you an idea of what to expect. Since you will want to hire a company for the long term, you need to make the right choice.