When you are selling a product online, there are several steps you have to take in order to reach your maximum possible audience. In order to get people to buy anything, you have to make them aware it exists, prove it’s something they want or need, and then make it easy for them to buy it from you.

Surely it’s not as easy as it sounds, right? This article breaks down the main points of marketing a product online, making it easy for you to gain visibility and get your product on the market as fast as possible.

Smart, Social Marketing

Social media is a huge part of any modern marketing campaign. Look at major companies – everything from Walmart to Macy’s to Taco Bell has a Facebook page. These pages are usually written and maintained by a rep who is experienced in representing that company’s voice and brand.

This makes the company seem consistent in how it approaches customers and gives them a public place to “advertise” how they deal with customer complaints and grievances. If a customer posts to their own Facebook page talking about an issue they had with the company, the company is free to publicly respond.

Consumers today want to feel like they know the brands they are shopping with. They like personal shopping experiences at places that reflect their own values. Having a good social media presence is an essential part of that.

Why Choose You?

Here you have to ask yourself: Why do people want to buy your product? What sets it apart from other, similar products? If it is unique, what makes it unique?

Answering these questions is an essential part of any good marketing campaign. Find out what the draw of your product is in order to convince buyers they want it.

Once you have answered these questions, you can work on finding someone to help you spread the word. American Giant, a sweater company, received so many orders that they could not keep up with demand after a reporter gave them a positive review based on the quality of their product. Even if your product is very common, unique things like great quality can convince people to buy it.

Make It Available

In the aforementioned American Giant example, their demand outstripped their supply. Don’t let this happen to you – be prepared for people to buy your product!

Even if your company receives so many requests that it becomes backordered, the most important thing is that people are still able to place an order, even if they have to wait for it to get to them.

Be sure that your servers are ready to handle any demand consumers can throw at them. An investment in high-quality servers now could make you thousands of dollars later on.