A limousine ride is a special event experienced by people infrequently. That is the reason they want to make it memorable. Chauffeurs play a vital role in this regard. In fact, limousine rides are incomplete without a polite, well-dressed, competent and professional chauffeur who is a necessity when it comes to building long-lasting relations with customers and gaining their unwavering trust. Chauffeurs need to be adroit and properly trained so as to carry out their responsibilities efficiently and impeccably.

The success of a limousine rental company depends greatly on its chauffeurs as they are the ones in direct contact with clients. It is they who ensure a durable customer-supplier bond for future dealings. Therefore, professional chauffeurs of Limo service Toronto are careful and alert while carrying out their duties to the best of their abilities. Given below are some traits of highly successful chauffeurs.

Driving Skill

The main focus of a professional driver is the safety of the passenger. In case of a traffic jam or any other problem, a skillful chauffeur never loses his calm and never complains. It is his duty to make sure the client reaches his destination in time, so he takes an alternative route. Professionals learn a variety of driving techniques to help them cope with road problems and to ensure a smooth, comfortable and quiet travel with the passengers. While driving, a chauffeur does not eat, drink or engage in personal errands; he stays focused on the road and the drive.


Good behavior and courtesy are the trademarks of professional chauffeurs. An expert chauffeur is always polite and courteous to the passenger. He shows up 10 minutes earlier or always on time. He introduces himself and politely asks the passenger if any luggage needs to be taken to or from the limousine. He opens the door for the passenger to make him or her feel important, and understands the value of picking the luggage for the client. A polite and courteous driver makes the journey comfortable and enjoyable for the passenger.

Excellent Communication Skills

Competent chauffeurs possess excellent communication skills. They know when to speak up and when to stay quiet. They understand that no two persons can be same; therefore, they employ different approaches for different passengers and behave accordingly. Moreover, they know the golden rule: a chauffeur must never speak first; he should wait for the passenger to start the conversation. Chauffeurs are never intrusive and keep to themselves speaking only when the need arises. An intrusive chauffeur irritates the passenger and leads to a bad travel experience.


A successful chauffeur knows that he is the representative of the company and is responsible to help building long-term relations between the client and the company, so he tries his best to cooperate with the client. He upholds customer privilege and caters to their needs. Even if a client is running late, a chauffeur never shows impatience and maintains a calm professional demeanor understanding that he needs to be patient and polite. The company’s reputation rests on his shoulders and he knows the worth of showing good will to its clients.

Appropriate Uniform

Limousine drivers wear clean and crisp solid black uniform which is a symbol of professional and dignified service. The standard uniform of a chauffeur consists of plain black driving caps, white collared dress shirts, black suit jackets and suit pants, black ties, white socks and shiny black shoes. Some companies also want the chauffeurs to wear white gloves. Chauffeur uniform etiquette avoids any kind of unusual colour or accessory that may detract attention away from the passenger and onto the chauffeur. Business etiquette demands the chauffeurs not to attract attention to them but stay properly in the background.

By following these simple steps, competent chauffeurs maintain healthy customer-company relationship and help the company grow its business.