Women use handbags not only to carry their personal accessories, they also use it to showcase the sense of fashion they have. On the other hand handbags bring convenience and they show person’s personality and fashion in better way. There are variety of handbags in the market. Increase in demand for classy handbags has led the mushrooming of many handbag designers who claim to produce high quality handbags. But the harsh truth is that all handbags in the market do not have high quality. Some designers are only concerned with making money opposite to quality. In this article, we are going to discuss some popular handbag brands that will help you in making write choice.

Just fab.com

JustFab.com is an internet based fashion store that offers its customer high quality handbags. When you need a handbag at affordable price to match with your outfit, you will find it here. They have many kinds of handbags which include – tote bags, hobo bags, satchels, shoulder bags, clutches, bucket bags, crossbody bags, mini bags and wallets.


Fendi, an Italian brand is well known for its quality. If you are looking for a fashionable handbag with top quality, then Fendi handbag is best for you. Besides being spacious, this handbag is designed in a way to last long period. You can make sure that you will not go the market soon if you buy this handbag.


Gucci is an established and well known Italian brand, known for its quality and uniqueness. This brand is producing luxury products from many years and handbags are one of them. Its quality and uniqueness has made it one of the most popular handbag brand all across the globe. It is a ideal handbag for a woman who loves fashion.


This is one of the oldest fashion brand in the market. From many years this brand is coming come up with good quality handbags that are classy and affordable for everyone. Their handbags are available in different price range meaning that a women have chance to buy one that she can afford.

Juicy Couture

This brand well-known all over the world. The slogan of this brand is made in USA. It is a brand that you will see many celebrities carrying around themselves. Although it was started in 1997, still this brand has risen quickly and gained respectable position in the market. Their handbags are very precious and classy. That is why it is preferred by most celebrities when it comes to choosing handbags.

Marc Jacobs.

This brand is actually one of the most popular handbag brand in the market. Toady Marc Jacobs has more than 200 retail stores worldwide. The main two products of this brand are perfumes and handbags. All handbags sold by this brand are well stitched with good quality.


Our list cannot end without mentioning Prada. This is a well-known band when it comes to producing quality handbags. Besides manufacturing luxurious handbags, this brand also produces other high quality accessories that are well known in fashion industry. Their high end handbags are known for being luxurious.

In conclusion, the next time you go to a shop for high quality and classy handbags, ensure to buy from the brands that are mentioned above.