Sometimes we have a dream, but we don’t know how to pursue it, and we let it fall to the wayside due to our own ignorance.  If you’re that kind of person, then you may not want to begin this journey.  Becoming a stockbroker isn’t easy, and requires quite a bit of knowledge and experience.

You actually can achieve this goal without a college degree, but a degree will get you there much faster.  You will find you may have a better grasp of knowledge if you go through the formal education process.  

Regardless, here are a few helpful tips that will help you along your journey to becoming a stockbroker.  

Earn Some Sort of Degree

Now we already stated that you don’t necessarily need a degree to get into the business, but we’re going to go ahead and recommend that you get one.  Get a degree in some sort of business or finance.  This will give you the most spot on training before you’re thrown to the wolves.  

If you have the proper resources to do so, you may also want to consider earning a master’s degree in the field.  This will help to expedite your career advancement timeline, but again leave you better equipped to do your job.  

Start an Investment Portfolio

At this point in your journey, it would be helpful to begin building an investment portfolio.  This will keep proper records of all of your personal financial dealings, and be concrete proof of your quality of work.  Always keep stellar records, because this business is all about numbers and comparisons.  You need everything.  Throw nothing away!

Find an Internship

You will be required to complete an internship before you’ll ever be allowed to take the proper licensure examinations.  Usually you will need at least a year of time interning.  You will want to begin searching for internships before you ever finish school.  Sometimes it can be a lengthy process, so start early to get ahead of the curve.  

Take the Proper Licensing Exams

There are actually seventeen different licensing exams available to complete.  You don’t have to take all of them, so pull your heart up off of the floor.  What exams you are required to complete depends on what type of broker you plan to become.  What you want to be licensed to do determines the tests you take.  You will have to plan in advance to set up times to take these tests, as well.  Again, it’s all about being ahead of the game.  

Keep your Knowledge Fresh

Even after you land your dream job on Wall Street, you will need to follow up on your education to stay current on your financial information.