Everyone is bound to do a job. No matter which class you belong sooner or later you have to get yourself into some job. People who belong to poor class often do a small part time job to earn their livelihood and people who belong to high class handle their companies where they have to pay poor class for their work. No matter which social class you belong, you have to do a job. It does not just confined to social class; it also depends upon your age and gender. In the western countries, even people in high school do different part time jobs in order to pay their expenses. Women who do not work in companies and all manage households, which is also a kind of full time job.

No matter you are happy with your job or not, you have to do it. It is a kind of mandatory thing for everyone. According to a survey, it has been revealed that almost 80% of our population is not at all happy with their jobs and boss and many of them commit suicide because their jobs have stressed them out that they have no option left. There are some people who not only love their job, but actually enjoy doing it. They are excited to wake up and start their day by thinking what they have to do. This happens with those who have adopted their passions as their jobs. Like there are people who love sky diving and they are now professional in that field. They go to their jobs happily because they know it will give them happiness. Same is the case with athletes; they run for hours and hours in nowhere. It seems like a boring kind of thing, but for them it’s their life. They run and run because this is how they get happiness and satisfaction. It has been scientifically proven that people who do a job in which they are interested in are more likely to be satisfied and relaxed as compared to those who are not happy.

There is Driver job which is also of something worthy. Although it seems inferior and poor to work as a driver, but Driver jobs in Kolkata are very popular. It is because Kolkata is a metropolitan city of India, which means it has more mills and industries than any other area, which in turns means that most people who live here are rich. To move from one place to another they need drivers. Driver job in Kolkata is famous due to this reason. People who are interested in driving a car, but can’t do it Car driver jobs in Kolkata are waiting for them. They just have to apply there and they will definitely get a job in some company. In this way they can fulfill their desire to drive a car as well as to earn money too. People who are interested won’t be unhappy and gives you 100% service.

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