If you have visited Newtown Pennsylvania you have likely taken a backseat ride into a community that follows a slow pace and easy lifestyle. They are kind people who are not rushed to stay up with the busy city. They appreciate their small town and way of life and do not want to be disturbed by hecticness or chaos.

As a town also filled with a great amount of agriculture, there are many pests that make Newtown their home. The ample number of places to nest, the pests can  expect to be left to themselves for the most part when they make Newtown fields, yards, and shops their homes.

Pest Control  

While the people of Newtown are a laid back and easy going bunch, they are also a very devoted group. They appreciate their homestead and do not want it to be altered by pesky pests. Rodents and other pests are destructive and can turn a pretty yard or organized shop in a large mess. Bugs will eat through beautiful plants that have been cared well for throughout the summer season. Rodents can tear a shop full of supplies into what looks like a pinata party.

The residents of Newtown are not interested in having their hard word destroyed by pests. Lucky for them, there are professional pest control companies in Newtown available for them to eradicate the pests that have decided to move in.

Signs of a Pest Invasion

Pests are sneaky but they are not good at covering up their tracks. In fact, you may never see a mouse inside of your home but may have an infestation. You will be able to tell if there are mice living inside of your home by the signs that they leave behind everywhere that they go. One of the most clear signs that you have a mouse problem inside of your home is mouse droppings, aka, mice poop.

Mice do not control their bowels well and will go to the bathroom constantly throughout your home. Mouse droppings look similar to what you would envision if rice was black. You will often find these small black droppings tucked inside of your cupboards.

Mice are hungry creatures and will easily find their way into your pantry to snack on all of the food that you have stored inside of it. If you find mouse droppings in your pantry you need to be sure to go through any items that the mice may have gotten into. Mice are filthy and you do not want to mess around with the diseases that they carry. You should be able to tell if mice have been into any packages by looking for tears or scratches in the wrapping.

Bugs tend to make themselves more visible than rodents. If your house is filled with ants you will likely see them relatively quickly. Wasps and flies are similar to ants in the sense that they will make themselves visible to you and your family. Regardless which type of pests has decided to make your home theirs, you need to call a Newtown pest control company to come and remove them before they take over.