People choose to migrate for various reasons; two of the main cause is (1) to seek good job opportunities and the other one is (2) for higher study purpose. Now in order to migrate and get settled in a foreign nation there is a need to first acquire the visa for that country. We all are aware about the fact that getting a visa is something which one cannot do in a single day. A lot of paperwork and documentation is required to be verified and submitted along with the visa application form.

Keeping all these things in mind, the government of Canada has introduced a new and modern way of inviting potential candidates who poses certain kind of skills and knowledge that can prove to be beneficial for the Canadian economy. This system came to be known as the Express Entry system, under which the interested candidates are judged or selected on the basis of the scores attained by them in the examination conducted by the concerned authorities.

What is Express Entry system?

Over the years there has been a hike in the number of foreign migrants who wish to settle down in Canada so as to start their new life in the country. With such an immense increase in the number of people, the government of Canada decided to launch a new system under which only those candidates will be selected which have some special skills or those who can work for the betterment of the country.

That’s when the Express Entry system came into action; the candidates are now required to appear for an assessment test and only those candidates who score sufficient marks are selected for applying under the different visa programs for Canada. Now the main question is how to increase points for Canada express entry system.

The candidates are required to submit it their application form and then the officials assign certain scores to each candidate as per the CRS. Based on the CRS scores, the candidates who get the highest marks are sent an invitation for applying under the visa category.

Guidelines to increase scores under CRS:-

There are certain criteria based on which the candidates are assigned specific scores under the CRS. Some of them are:-

  • Educational Qualification
  • Work experience
  • English Proficiency
  • Offer letter for a job

In order to know how to increase points for Canada immigration the applicants can refer to the following given points:-

  • The candidate should not only focus on one key area, rather they should pay equal attention to all the other relevant areas as well. This enhanced perspective will surely fetch positive results for the applicant and they can easily manage to score good marks in under the CRS.
  • It is also advisable that the candidate can obtain a provincial nomination. This will also help in increasing the overall score.
  • There’s nothing better than getting a job offer from a Canadian based company. It will surely enhance your chances for increasing your score.

All these suggestions will assist the candidate in their quest to achieve good scores under the CRS and also in applying for Canadian visa through the Express Entry system.